Candidates who wish to pursue this course must hold a bachelor’s degree in relevant discipline from a recognized college or university with a minimum aggregate score of 50%. Good communication skills and an attractive personality are the key attributes of the course.

The MBA Hospital and Healthcare Management course covers a variety of topics in the fields of Management related to the Healthcare Industry. The main details of this course are given below:

  • This is a postgraduate specialization course in MBA, which helps students in understanding tactics in marketing, finance, human resources, and operations required in the healthcare sector.
  • The course also focuses on the legal and statutory regulations to be followed, and the various issues affecting the healthcare organizations.
  • Special focus is given towards Disaster Management, Organization and Administration of Clinical and Super Specialty Services, Quality Assurance for Hospitals, Consumer Behavior, and Research Methodology.
  • The MBA HHM Syllabus includes classroom learning and practical exercises such as workshops, case studies, seminars, and internships offered by the institutions themselves as well as many reputed hospitals and healthcare centers.

Duration : 2 years

Examination Type : Semester-based

Eligibility : Bachelor's degree in any discipline with a minimum of 50% score from a recognized university

Admission Process : Merit/ Entrance-Based

Why Study MBA Hospital and Healthcare Management?

There are many benefits to choosing the MBA HHM course for Post Graduation. The main advantages provided by this course are detailed below

  • The course helps develop skills like critical analysis and interpretation of data, problem-solving and making rational business decisions, computation, communication, managerial and leadership skills.
  • The curriculum is shaped in such a way that graduates are transformed into professionals that can carry out the duties in health authority organizations, primary care trusts, and hospital administrations.
  • With a broader objective to propagate world peace and improving health globally, hospital and healthcare management supervisors look into measures to make operations and procedures carried out in these organizations to be efficient and cost-effective, and ensure that patients get the best type of empathy, care, and facilities for treatment.
  • Along with the understanding of the functioning of multi-dimensional healthcare organizations, and the bridge between business and healthcare management, graduates may also acquire a deep insight into the various challenges faced by the marketing and organization facets of the industry.
  • The practical aspect of the course includes the exposure to the latest technologies in medical science, research-based innovations in the assortment of resources, application of managerial techniques to arrive at optimal solutions, and a detailed investigation of political, cultural, and ethical concerns regarding healthcare.
  • Healthcare facilities are busy networks and so, healthcare administrations have hectic schedules, requiring good leadership, control, and supervision skills to run administrative procedures smoothly, making this course a perfect way to pave the right path to build careers in healthcare finance, administration, marketing, and policy and information management.